Moisturiser | Koéna Body Lotion 250ml

Koéna's Dermaceutical Daily Moisturiser is an intensive daily moisturiser developed by our team of scientists to rehydrate skin prone to dryness, redness, itching, cracking and flaking skin.

The Stockpile Pack | Koéna Dermaceutical Daily Moisturiser 3 Pack

Those of us that have skin predisposed to eczema, dermatitis or dry
cracking and irritation know that there’s no such thing as “too much
hydration”. Our deeply nourishing Dermaceutical Daily Moisturiser trio
is designed to provide on-the-go hydration to skin prone to dryness,
redness, cracking and itching. The unique scientific formulation of the
cream is compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin and
has quick absorption properties for immediate skin irritation relief. 

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Why Koéna?

From our science-backed products, to the social enterprises we support, here's our "Why"

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Australia Owned & Made

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pH Balanced

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Gentle & Friendly Ingredients

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Suitable For all Skin types

Koéna's inspiring story

Koéna was developed with a strong vision in mind; to reduce the burden associated with inflammatory diseases and to improve the quality of the lives of those affected...


Resta-Plex, our patented formulation

Resta-Plex® is a unique combination of four key ingredients contained in Koéna Skincare. Resta-Plex® was formulated after years of research and...

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Giving back

Imagine a skincare line that not only works wonders on your skin but also changes the lives of people less fortunate… Enter, Koéna.

At Koéna, we’re passionate about eliminating inflammatory skin disease and improving your quality of life. We’re also passionate about making a difference, which is why 100% of our profits go directly to our incredible not-for-profit partner, Empower.

Giving back to the community is an incredible feeling and we know you’ll get that same blissful feeling every time you purchase a Koéna product.

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