Resta-Plex® | Koéna

If you’re curious about what makes the unique combination of Resta-Plex ingredients so ineffable, here they are:


The Resta-Plex patented formula has two types of glucosamine, which are recognised as a natural anti-inflammatory. They assist in the production of collagen and rebalancing skin inflammation.
Glucosamine is known to help with:
Skin repairing
Soothing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis


L-Glycine acts on inflammatory cells, like free radicals, to suppress their role in damaging the cells in your body. It’s also used as an antioxidant and can suppress the inflammatory cytokines when overproduced.
L-Glycine is known to help with:
UV-B induced skin damage
and photoaging


MSM is a naturally produced chemical compound in the body with anti-inflammatory properties that help increase the production of collagen. It is shown to have a role as an anti-aging molecule.
MSM is known to help with:
Acne repair
Skin smoothing
Stretch marks
Sun burn
Resta-Plex isn’t a fancy name we came up with to sound clever. It’s our patented combination of 4 active ingredients proudly developed right here in Australia.
Backed by years of dedicated scientific research, Koéna Skincare is truly an unmatched, exclusive formulation that will leave your other skincare products wanting.
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