Koéna | Australia's newest, innovative skincare cream

Koéna's inspiring story

Koéna was developed with a strong vision in mind; to reduce the burden associated with inflammatory diseases and to improve the quality of the lives of those affected. Restoring balance to individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases and giving balance back to communities in need underpins Koéna’s social enterprise initiatives. The Koéna Story
Koéna | Australia's newest, innovative skincare cream

Resta-Plex, our patented formulation

Resta-Plex® is a unique combination of four key ingredients contained in Koéna Skincare. Resta-Plex® was formulated after years of research and development by Dr Turner. The patented Resta-Plex® formulation was scientifically developed in Australia to help reduce the appearance of dryness, redness, cracking, flaking & crusting skin. About Resta-Plex

Soothing & Relieving

I found the cream very soothing and relieving on my red, dry itchy skin.

Kate, QLD

A Real & Lasting Difference

I’ve tried many creams that don’t work and was pleasantly surprised that this cream actually made a real and lasting difference.

Josephine, NSW

This Cream is Fantastic

The cream is fantastic. It works well for dry skin and cracks. Its light and non-greasy. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Kieran, VIC

Very Positive Experience

We had a very positive experience with this cream and will continue to purchase.

Sheryl, NSW

Absorbed Easily

I really enjoyed using this cream. I loved that it had no fragrance, was easy to rub in and absorbed easily.

Melinda, NSW

Best Product I Have Ever Put On My Face

I love this product!! Noticed a big difference in my skin after only a few days! I think this is is the best product I have ever put on my face! Highly recommend 👏🏻

Kim-Janina, Melbourne

Alternative to Steroid Creams

I was really happy with the results using Koéna on patches of eczema that I’ve had on my wrists for years. It’s quite different to other creams I have tried. It’s not thick or greasy and absorbed really well. Koena didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or sticky after applying it like many do, it has a good feeling on the skin. I was very impressed with the results. I applied a small amount twice a day and within a couple of days, I noticed a 90-100% improvement. It also helped with the itchiness of my eczema. Excellent product, I’d definitely recommend it as an alternative to steroid creams.

Michael, United Kingdom

Absolutely Loving this Product!

First cream I have found in a long time that actually works and makes my skin feel amazing. Thank you!!

Raechelle, Australia


Finally a cream that is steroid, cortisone and fragrance Free, that actually works. We would highly recommend Koena to others who face challenging skin issues. You will not be disappointed.

Adrienne, Brisbane

So Impressed

I have used Koena on my dry skin and have been so impressed with the results. The texture of the cream is really nice, is soft and smooth and seems to soak into my skin really easily. I've also used it on some patches of eczema that flared up...couldn't believe how well it worked to get it back to looking and feeling like normal skin. Love it & definitely recommend it!

Andrew, Melbourne

Definitely Helps

I've been using Koena on my daughters skin when her eczema flares up after and during a cold. It definitely helps reduce the redness and clears up within a few days of use.

Rena, Melbourne

Such a Relief

I get quite bad eczema and this cream has been such a relief. It’s helped to relieve my itchiness and overall irritation. I use it every day now, will definitely be ordering this again. Highly recommend!

Arthur, Melbourne

Amazing Product, Fresh & Light

Amazing product. I love that it’s free of all the harsh chemicals that typical anti-inflammatories are laced with. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh and light.

Mandy, Melbourne

Very Happy

I recently purchased Koena Dermaceutical Skincare Cream and I am very pleased with the results. I am 82 years of age and my skin has become very thin especially on my shins leaving the skin looking as if bruised. After 3 weeks using the cream every day, I have noticed a big difference with the bruised look almost gone. Very happy.

Barry, Logan City

Best Moisturiser

Love this so much. Best moisturiser I've ever used. 🤩

Abbey, Australia

I Have Finally Found Something that Hydrates my Eczema

So glad I took a chance on this little beauty! After trying what feels like a million products over the years, I have finally found something that hydrates my eczema and doesn’t clog my pores or create breakouts! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much 🥰😌

Amanda, Tarneit

Nothing Tops This One

Y'all...I have finally found a hand cream that has healed my dry, chapped hands! I have extremely dry skin and I've used so many different lotions but nothing tops this one. Love it !

Sarah, United States

This is the Only Cream I Purchase Now

I love this skin treatment product, because I work in hospitals and travel for work. Using strong smelling products can effect people with scent sensitivities and it can actually be restricted by hospitals policy. I wash my hands very frequently making them very dry. This is the only skin treatment I have found that works under this extremely harsh environment. This is the only cream I purchase now. I highly recommend it.

Stella, United States

My Skin is Thankful

Itch- itch-itch. It drove me mad. My scalp has been damaged by the sun and I tried what was on the market, but hardly had any results until I found Koena. One treatment in the morning lasts all day and night. My skin is thankful and it starts shining.

Pieter, Brisbane

What a Great Product!

I was initially a bit hesitant as to whether I should try Koena as a facial moisturizer as I only had one particular very dry patch. I’m so glad that I did. Not only did my dry/ red patch disappear within a week, the rest of my face also feels smoother and looks significantly healthier. What a fantastic product!

Emma, Richmond

Giving back

Imagine a skincare line that not only works wonders on your skin but also changes the lives of people less fortunate… Enter, Koéna.

At Koéna, we’re passionate about eliminating inflammatory skin disease and improving your quality of life. We’re also passionate about making a difference, which is why 100% of our profits go directly to our incredible not-for-profit partner, Empower.

Giving back to the community is an incredible feeling and we know you’ll get that same blissful feeling every time you purchase a Koéna product.

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