A Note from Dr Turner

As a scientist who has studied the complexity of the immune system for over 30 years, I still have not a clear grasp on how it works. Every time I thought I have a good understanding, a new scientific discovery happened, that only makes it more complex.

This complexity is mysterious, elegant, and surprising, and that is why I love it so. 

When I first started looking at immunity and inflammation, scientists were just trying to understand how it worked in a “good” way.  Helping our bodies heal from injury and clearing our body of infection. 

We soon became aware however, that under certain circumstances inflammation can work against us in a “bad” way. 

Understanding the triggers that lead to bad inflammation and the problems it causes, is incredibly important.  This understanding helps us develop strategies to bring the bad inflammation back to balance.  Like putting the brake on a runaway truck. 

The Koéna suite of products are the result of a decade of work.  Restaplex contains what is known as small molecule anti-inflammatory compounds.  Individually they have been shown in hundreds of medical and scientific journals to have an impact on inflammation. 

Koéna's goal is to help return the balance in the immune system without preventing the good inflammation from doing its important work. 

Dr Paul Turner PhD

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