Koéna Gives Back


For us, Koéna is not just an incredible range of products that today is trusted by thousands of people across Australia, but it’s a platform to give back to projects that, quite simply, transform lives!

Thinking Boldly means Thinking Beyond Ourselves

Koéna was formed by a small collective of individuals passionate about changing the world, no small feat! What started as a self-cure formula developed by our Chief Scientist, Dr Paul Turner, ignited an idea of ‘what if… this is bigger than us’. Central to Koéna’s product mission is reducing the burden associated with inflammatory diseases and improve quality of life; but central to our ‘why’ and what gets us excited about what we do each day is the community-empowerment projects we are able to support and the lives we are able to impact through our product sales.

100% of Profits Invested into Community Transformation Projects

The profits of every Koéna product sold are allocated in full to support a community-transformation initiative. We are deeply conscious of the responsibility entrusted to us by our customers to be good custodians of wealth distribution and wise discerners of the projects that will have the most significant human impact, which is why so much time is dedicated to vetting potential partners. Right now, we are proud to partner with Empower Overseas Aid; a not-for-profit organization dedicated to lifting people out of poverty and illness in South Asia through community-transformation initiatives including clean water and sanitation projects, education, and livelihood empowerment.

Understand your Impact.

Your decision to buy a Koéna product has a DIRECT impact on lifting individuals and communities out of poverty. Learn more about the social initiatives funded by your purchase, and how you can be a part of it!
Koéna Gives Back

Jonathan Salib- General Manager

Jonathan Salib, General Manager at Koéna shares why he's so passionate about partnering with Empower overseas aid. "Their model is about setting something up and being able to walk away and that community continue to flourish

Koéna Gives Back

Rachel Schmidt-CEO

Rachel Schmidt, CEO at Koéna talks about Empower's incredible impact in South East Asia "100% of our profits go towards these amazing initiatives...This is just something we are so passionate about and we are thrilled to be working with them".