Koéna Gives Back

Koéna was established as a social enterprise with a strong vision in mind; to reduce the burden associated with inflammatory diseases and to improve the quality of the lives of those affected. Restoring balance to individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases and giving balance back to communities in need underpins Koéna’s social enterprise initiatives. Koéna proudly allocates 100% of profit from the sale of Koéna products to support the community-impacting initiatives of our not-for-profit partner, Empower Overseas Aid. Learn more about the positive impact your purchase is having on the lives of those in need through our not-for-profit partner Koéna passionately supports.

Empower Overseas Aid

Empower Overseas Aid works in areas of South Asia where hundreds of millions still do not have access to clean water, safe sanitation, healthy hygiene practices, quality education or sustainable livelihoods – yet!