Empower Overseas Aid

Koena Partners | Empower Overseas Aid

Empower Overseas Aid exist to equip, educate & empower through sustainable community transformation.

Koena Partners | What Empower do

What Empower do

Empower Overseas Aid train and equip men and women to be leaders in their communities, sending them out to break the poverty cycle and bring hope and grace. They identify the specific needs of their communities and then work together to build a sustainable future. Severe lack of safe, clean drinking water is an ongoing issue in South Asia. Drought and heavy monsoonal rain result in lack of water or contaminated water storage. Empower is addressing this lack by drilling deep core bore wells in strategic locations.

Koena Partners | Where Empower work

Where Empower work

Empower work in areas of South Asia where hundreds of millions still do not have access to clean water, safe sanitation, healthy hygiene practices, quality education or sustainable livelihoods – yet!

Koena Partners | Restoring health through clean water

Restoring health through clean water

Protecting and promoting health isn’t just providing medical care to the sick. In order to build healthier communities long-term, it’s important to go ‘further up the stream’ to address the external factors contributing to poor health. Two of Empower’s major projects, focus on digging wells and constructing toilets in communities where they work.

Koena Partners | Empower Statistics

Empower Statistics

Empower are doing some impressive work overseas. They’ve drilled 300 wells which has impacted 552 villages and 50,507 people. To learn more about Empower and the impact they are making, head to their website.

Real people, real stories

“High caste people in our village did not like my family pumping water from a nearby bore well. One day when my son was fetching water a man hit him on the head with a stick. He started bleeding and had to be hospitalised. We were banned from that well and had to collect water from another well two kilometres away from our house. Now with this new well from Empower, our family and those like us who struggle with the same fate can collect water without restriction. Now I know my son is safe and stays close to home when he collects water. He has time to study now – not like when we had to walk so far several times each day. Thank you for giving us this safe water!” - Meera

Real people, real stories

"To get water from the nearest hand pump we had to cross a busy railway system. Failing signals led to many deaths but we had no alternative. We had to walk long distances carrying heavy water-laden pots on our heads. I was always afraid to cross the railway lines and then often faced discrimination gathering water. Now our struggle for water is over. This new well is in a safe area - it’s such a relief. We are so grateful to you!” - Pav

Real people, real stories

“I was so scared we would not have any water. When they started drilling the new well I was concerned there was no water there at all. However, I prayed earnestly until the water began to gush out of the ground! People began jumping and cheering for joy. Now we don’t have to walk for miles for water or fall ill because of drinking contaminated water. Thank you for this noble act!” - Nargis

Real People, Real Stories

Agi is an elderly woman living in a remote village with her husband. Her bones are starting to ache, she isn’t as strong as she once was, and every day is a little more challenging for her and her aging husband. The long distance to the nearest water source became too much for them, making it a struggle just to survive. Sickness from impure water was a constant threat to their lives..

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