How Winter Can Affect Your Skin

As winter approaches and the cozy wool sweaters and jackets come out of mothballs, taking steps to moisturise and hydrate your skin becomes increasingly important. The colder the temperature gets, the less humidity there is in the air, which pulls moisture away from the skin and leaves skin feeling dry and, in some cases, can result in skin appearing red, flaking, itching or burning. For those that have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, moisturising is a vital component of an effective skincare routine as the temperature drops.  


Another contributor to dry skin is hot showers – let's face it, as winter descends we’re all a little guilty of spending just a few more minutes under a hot tap!! While momentarily relieving, over time hot water strips your skin’s natural oils making it feel drier. So what’s the solution? Limiting your time in the shower to five to ten minutes and turning the hot tap down just a little are two ways that you will limit dryness and skin damage caused by direct hot water.  


Winter’s not here quite yet, so let’s remove the thought of cold or lukewarm showers from our mind and get back to skincare. So what’s best practice for applying body lotion or moisturiser during the winter months? Firstly, make sure you’re applying your favourite products at least twice a day to avoid irritation from dry air or heaters and to replenish lost moisture. By applying lotion to your skin, you are helping to seal your skin’s barrier and protect it from moisture-loss, thereby reducing risk of irritation from dry moisture-deficient skin. Moisturised skin = happy healthy skin!  


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What about your face? If you’re having a hard time finding a face crème you can trust, look no further. Our fragrance-free daily moisturiser helps soothe dryness by replenishing lost moisture in a gentle hydrating formula that is lightweight and kind to the skin! Formulated with our RestaPlex formula and without any “nasties”, this product has a bit of a cult following after its years of success helping people with dry conditions. See for yourself why this is one of our best-selling products here 


Wishing you a warm and wonderful winter season! If you want to give your skin a little pep up as the cold approaches, check out our skincare range today.  

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