Hydrated Skin Here We Come

Our little team is buzzing at the moment with the exciting news that we are expanding our product family! Over a year in the making, our Dermaceutical Body Lotion is finally here, formulated with the same tried and tested skin science that has earned Koéna its strong reputation for results.  


Formulated for deep hydration, this lightweight skin nourishing lotion combines our Resta Plex formula with Vitamin E and Niacinamide. Like all Koéna products, we have worked hard to keep the ingredients as pure as possible (no harsh or addictive ingredients!), so our new body lotion is fragrance free and paraben free, with a non-greasy formulation that keeps your skin feeling clean without any oily residue. Active ingredients help retain moisture in the skin while reducing the appearance of dryness, redness, cracking, and flaking skin.  

Now for the science behind our product. A key ingredient in the body lotion is Niacinamide. This active ingredient is a form of Vitamin B, which means it is a great source of protein for the skin. To break it down, some other benefits include: 

  • Minimises redness and inflammation (amazing for sensitive skin!!)  
  • Protects against sun damage and other environmental stresses 
  • Helps the body build keratin which keeps skin firm and healthy 

Our Dermaceutical Skincare cream has become a bit of a cult favourite since its launch, so we are pumped (literally- this product comes with an easy-to-use pump) to launch a complimentary body lotion with a similar formulation.  

We’re excited to hear what you think about our new product, may it be the perfect complement to your morning or evening Koéna skincare routine! Chat with us, send us a note, or leave a review – your feedback is so important in helping our team create products that are combatting the skincare needs of our customers.  


Stay tuned for more exciting things to come! 




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