Simple Skincare Tips

Looking for some simple and surprisingly inexpensive ways to improve your skincare routine? Here are five tips to help you maintain healthy glowing skin!  

Skincare Tip #1 : Change your pillowcase weekly   

This might surprise a lot of people, but your pillowcase easily traps oil and dirt so it's important to regularly swap it out for a fresh clean one!   


Skincare Tip #2 : Wear sunscreen everyday   

Even if you will only be outside for a brief period of time, it's important to wear sunscreen every day and protect your skin! The sun has harmful rays that will cause damage to the skin such as wrinkles and cancer if unprotected.   


Skincare Tip # 3 : Drink lots of water  

Water is not only good for your overall health, but it is also a major factor in your skin health! The hydrating qualities of water has long been proven to keep elasticity in the skin which helps to reduce wrinkles.   


Skincare Tip #4 : Ditch the makeup every once in a while  

It's always good to let your natural skin breathe! Try to ditch the makeup a couple of times a week to avoid clogged pores and an excess amount of oil on the skin.   


Skincare Tip #5 : Moisturise both day and night  

By regularly hydrating your skin, you’re helping to protect it from breakouts, dryness, and even sun damage. It's important to find a moisturiser you love and leaves your skin feeling nourished. Have you tried ours yet? (link to product here)   


Sometimes it’s less about having a dedicated “beauty routine” and more about being conscious about your skin as you’re going about your day. Changing pillowcases, applying sunscreen, and keeping hydrated are things many of us already do but often without intentionality of maintaining skin health. If we were to borrow a leaf from Rebel Wilson’s book and make 2022 our Year of Skin Health – these are just a few of the things we would adopt more routinely. To help you on your way, browse our store for more skincare essentials! 


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