New Year's Skin Care Resolutions

As the new year rolls around, we all set goals for what we want to accomplish in the year. From eating healthier to making your bed every day, there are no resolutions too big or small! Here's our best sales pitch on why we feel you should add skincare goals to your New Years resolutions in 2023!  


No picking!  

It's always so tempting to pop a pimple when you see it, but this horrible habit will end this year! When you pop a pimple (unless you are a professional) you are actually doing more harm than good. Popping or picking at zits on your face can lead to scarring, fine lines, and aggravating the pimple even more. Instead of trying to pop your pimples, try using a warm compress to help open up the pores and alleviate some redness. The simplest way - take a clean towel and dip it in warm water, then apply it to the skin (make sure it's not too hot that it burns you!) This method has been proven to either help pop a pimple naturally or reduce inflammation significantly. There is no scarring that can occur from this method, and you are helping your skin heal in a healthy and natural way!  


Apply moisturiser daily 

On those days you are feeling super lazy the last thing you want to do is stand in front of a mirror and carry out your skincare routine, but this year we will be powering through! After washing your face twice a day with your favourite daily cleanser, it's important to remember to moisturise. Moisturising your skin can help it maintain its balance. According to Burke Williams, “When (the) skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up.” Moisturising also helps hydrate the skin which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as keep the skin looking young. The more moisture that is trapped in the skin cells, the less dry or irritated the skin will appear, helping you to feel confident in your own skin!  


Wear sunscreen 

One of the simplest ways to help protect your skin is to wear sunscreen DAILY. Even on the gloomiest days, harmful UV rays can damage the skin. Sunburns can lead to wrinkles, acne, inflammation, and even cancer. This year is all about keeping the skin healthy and making sure to avoid UV damage. Why make your skin look older than it is if there's an easy solution? By applying a daily SPF (rain or shine) it will help prevent any harm to the skin and make sure you feel and look amazing. Our favourite daily SPF is UltraViolette , another Aussie founded brand, since they have so many options to choose from and you can pick what's best for your skin type.  


While there are many other things you can do to care for your skin – the three above are pretty easy lifts that you could adopt immediately! Take the skin challenge this year to make a few changes that will have a significant impact on the health and happiness of your skin. We’re excited about 2023 and what’s ahead for our little business, changing skin and changing lives one person at a time – we hope that you’re one of them!  


Manifesting only hydrated soft skin for everyone in 2023! Happy New Year!  



The Koéna team 



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