Give Balance Back this International Woman’s Day

In recognition of International Woman’s Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness about our non-for-profit partner, Empower Overseas Aid.

This year we are focusing on equality.

Since the launch of Koéna, we have worked to “give balance back” and created equal opportunities for communities in South Asia, with our female CEO, Rachel Schmidt, at the heart of this initiative.

Allocating 100% of our profits to the impactful social initiatives that Empower Leads across South Asia, we are providing some small support to give balance back. Empower is devoted to equality in communities where people do not have access to clean water, healthy hygiene practices, quality education and sustainable livelihoods, and are instrumental in driving social-impact projects at a local level that support entire communities. 

Key areas of focus for Empower at a community level include treating malnutrition, enabling healthy hygiene, building wells to provide access to clean water, and administrating obstetric and new-born care in Asia. Just expanding on this last point, some of the initiatives that Empower support improve the quality of life of pregnant women, lactating mothers, adolescent girls, and babies living in slums or poorer communities.

Since the beginning of our partnership with Empower, Koéna has helped to positively impact 2956 mothers and children, assisted women in the production of 2,5000 sanitary napkins and 12,000 masks, and adopted 10 slums. In addition to this, Koéna so far has helped upskill 21 women in tailoring, and established 2 farms which provide both jobs and fresh food for community wellbeing. 

Find out more about Empower and how they help educate and improve the lives of women in South Asia here. What will your impact be?

If you are looking for more ways to empower women around the world, check out the official IWD page and get involved here. 


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