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We are excited to launch our newest skincare product - the Dermaceutical Daily Exfoliator. Our new gentle exfoliator is made with biodegradable Florabeads® that help sweep away surface debris and dead skin cells. Combined with Koéna’s scientifically developed Resta-Plex® formula, this ultra-hydrating exfoliant helps remediate clogged pores and reduce breakouts. 

A letter from our CEO - Rachel Schmidt

When we first sat down to plan out our range and the future of Koéna, my vision was creating a range of products that personified the every-day needs of “skin” from a scientifically backed approach. Whether suffering from life-hindering skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, or admitting to have ‘fairly normal skin’…. I have yet to meet a person that can admit “my skin is perfect all the time”. Changing seasons, sun exposure, travel and time-zones, light sensitivities, hormones, and food are all contributors to the changing temperament of skin, and to me it’s so important to have a skincare routine that doesn’t have to change depending on how your skin is feeling.

Our internal challenge to create a skincare line we could be proud of (you can read more about product development journey here) is a vision coming to life as we are so excitedly!!!!! launching our gentle exfoliator, the fourth product in our skincare range.  

Exfoliation has always been an essential part of my skincare routine; not only does it clear pores, even-out skin tone and support improved circulation, but it also helps my skin absorb other products in my skincare ritual. Being such an important contributor to skin health, our team put a lot of time and research into achieving a formula which would match the scientific efficacy and skin nourishment of our other Koéna products while standing on its own as an effective and non-harming exfoliant for dry or damaged skin. Two of the ingredients that contribute to the gentle and balanced formulation are Florabeads® and Vanillin, both hand-picked for their unique role in effective exfoliation, and their complimentary enhancement of our Resta-Plex® formula, let me dive a little deeper…

  • Florabeads® are renowned for their ability to deliver enhanced moisturisation in the exfoliating process. 100% natural derivative of Jojoba esters, a plant native to the Sonaran Desert, these smooth botanical microspheres provide a natural exfoliant that is non-abrasive and non-damaging to the skin, while locking in moisture.
  • Extracted from the pods of Vanilla planifoliaorchid, Vanillin is commonly recognised for its inclusion in flavours and fragrance, however less-known is its therapeutic qualities which have immortalised it in the scientific community for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits.

I have been privileged with a bit of an exclusive “test run” of our new Exfoliator over the last few months, and using it 2-3 times a week (while my skin is undergoing natural changes during pregnancy) I am wondering how I ever lived without it. This non-abrasive gentle formula is a far cry from the sandpaper-gritty or oily formulas I have tried over the year and its lasting effect makes my skin feel soft and nourished. It’s got my vote. 

On behalf of our small team at Koéna (including a big shout out to the man that has both birthed and continues to inspire our work – Dr Paul Turner), I would like to thank those of you who have been part of our journey so far, seeing this little brand with one very blue skincare product and a very big heart to give back, start to make a real impact in the world of science-backed skincare, we are so excited by the things to come.

Rachel x






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